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Salads and Bread
Tossed Garden Salad with Dressing serves 40/50 with dressing$40.00/full panMarge Walter Catering
Freshly-Baked Rolls  $4.50/dz.Marge Walter Catering
Freshly-Baked Italian Bread (butter/loaf or dz. $.25)$4.00/loafMarge Walter Catering

Meat and Chicken
"Award winning" Lemon Breast of Chicken $2.50/eaMarge Walter Catering
Homemade Stuffed Cabbage (tomato base) Marge Walter Catering
     Half Pan (15 pieces) $35.00
     Full Pan (30 pieces $70.00
Beef Tips/Rice or Noodles 
     Half Pan $45.00
     Full Pan $90.00
Breaded Baked Pork Chop Marge Walter Catering
     Half Pan (15 pieces) $50.00
     Full Pan (30 pieces) $105.00
Chicken Breast Parmigiano  Marge Walter Catering
     Half Pan (15 pieces) $55.00
     Full Pan (30 pieces) $110.00
Boneless Breaded Baked Chicken Breast (15) 
     Half Pan (15 pieces) $45.00
     Full Pan (30 pieces) $90.00
Boneless Baked Chicken Breast (variety of gravies) 
     Half Pan (15 pieces) $45.00
     Full Pan (30 pieces) $90.00
Itailian Sausage with peppers and onions Marge Walter Catering
     Half Pan $40.00
     Full Pan $80.00
Smoked Kielbasi & Kraut  
     Half Pan $40.00
     Full Pan $80.00
Pork Loin with Gravy Marge Walter Catering
     Half Pan $45.00
     Full Pan $90.00
Roast Beef with Gravy  
     Half Pan $50.00
     Full Pan $95.00
Old World Swedish Meatballs 
     Half Pan (50) $45.00
     Full Pan (100) $90.00
Homemade Italian Meat Balls 
     Half Pan (50) $65.00
     Full Pan (100) $130.00

Vegetables and Potatoes
Green Beans  (Mushrooms/onions or almonds $2.00/pan)Marge Walter Catering
     Half Pan $18.00
     Full Pan $35.00
Glazed Baby Carrots, Buttered corn,  California Medley
     Half Pan $18.00
     Full Pan $35.00
Germany Blend (yellow and green beans with carrots)Marge Walter Catering
     Half Pan $18.00
     Full Pan $35.00
Whipped, Garlic Mashed, Scalloped Au Gratin Potatoes & Red Skin Potatoes, Parsley Butter or Oven-BrownMarge Walter Catering
     Half Pan $18.00
     Full Pan $35.00
Mac & Cheese Marge Walter Catering
     Half Pan $25.00
     Full Pan $50.00

Potato & Cheese Pierogies (with butter/onions)$8.00/dzMarge Walter Catering
Penne Rigatoni with Marinara Sauce 
     Half Pan $20.00
     Full Pan $40.00
Cavatelli  in Blush, Marinara, or Alfredo Sauce Price
     Half Pan $30.00
     Full Pan $60.00
Meat or Vegetable Lasagna Marge Walter Catering
     Half Pan $30.00
     Full Pan $60.00
Homemade Cabbage and Noodles $40.00/fullMarge Walter Catering

Warmer Rental (Returned by you)$15.00/each
Local Delivery $15.00
Out of Area $25.00

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