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How much food do you need to feed your crowd?
Food Item
One serving
Rolls/Bread1 1/2 153 dz5 dz
Fruit/Vegie Dippers6 Bites preceding a meal- 4/6 Bites/hour as a meal
Cheese Slices1 ounce3/4 lb2 lbs3 lbs
Tossed Salad1 1/2 cupsHalf PanFull Pan1 1/2 pans
Vegetables3-4 ounces2 1/2 lbs6 lbs10-12 lbs
Potatoes7 ounces4-5 lbs13 lbs22 lbs
Pasta (side dish)4 ounces2 1/2 lbs7 1/2 lbs12 lbs
Pasta (full potion)6-7 ounces4 lbs13 lbs21 lbs
Meat Cold Cuts4 ounces2 1/2 lbs7 1/2 lbs12 lbs
Boneless meat, fish, & poultry4-5 ounces3-4 lbs8-9 lbs13-15 lbs